11/20/06 Terrible Placeholder Art Day

 I've had this sitting around for about a month.  I'm messing with pinball physics and some
other stuff, but for now all you get is flame effects that might make you wonder if things in the
Happy Acres Downs Syndrome Group Home are going alright, and I'm here to tell you that
they are and that today is Pie Day, and I sure loves me some pie.  Do you like to crayon?


Oh hey, this is completely unrelated, but I installed a really kickass stovetop this weekend,
and if you click HERE you can watch a forty-meg video of me touching it inappropriately. 
I had to remove about half an inch of countertop with a completely worn-out belt sander,
a hammer and a very damaged flathead screwdriver.  But everything is ok now, perfectly
fine and the stove works great.  It's not my fault that two of my bathrooms are completely
without power, and it's also not my fault that every time you try and turn on the television the
carbon dioxide alarm shouts a warning in garbled spanish.  The manual should have covered that.

CityofSand.com: Man.  We sure work slow.     

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