04/29/07  I ... Oh Shit, I Just Deleted This Page By Accident

Uh, my bad.

We've been going to the Queens Cup/Steeplechase/Drunken Wealthy Redneck Party once
a year for at least the last four years and every year I tell myself that I'm:

1) Not going to take a camera this time

2) Not getting drunk

3) Not taking pictures of underage girls this time


4) Going to get braces again

So this year it totally worked out great, I hit all my goals in one go, and I think I deserve a big pat on the back from everyone involved.

Click on the nice thumbnails below to cruise through your basic photo type galleries.  I didn't cut any pictures, so please enjoy five or six photos in a row of anything that caught my eye back in college, namely my wife.  Right-click and Save-As HERE (it's 140 meg or so, so you might want to skip to the galleries below) to download a zip of all the photos in full 6M glory in case something sparks your interest and you decide you just have to print yourself a nice poster of that poor horse breaking his leg.  Did I not mention the poor horse?  Snapped his right leg completely during one of the early races, it was fucking horrible.  So if you value your soul, don't click here for a photo and please please please don't click here for the video.  Goddamn.  I gotta stop thinking about this.

Anyway, happier stuff.  A good year for photos of us old people, but that's only because Dan is dating the prom queen:

(click this, it's a gallery)


A bad year for hot chicks in sundresses

(also click this, it's also a gallery)

Here is a quick movie of the races where nobody breaks anything and most importantly does not give me nightmares.



CityofSand.com: Don't watch the horse video.     

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