02/19/06 Prototype Gorilla Day Demo

I can't believe this is actually working - granted, it's not a game yet, but the mechanics are
there and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. 'Course, I'm going to lose interest now,
so really, enjoy this new concept demo where, every time you manage to get a "ball" onto a "planet"
near a "gorilla's open, gaping nostril", you get a coupon for a free dinner for six at Uncle Andre's
House of Primate Parts, where kids eat for twice the regular price!


02/15/06 It's Like Our Balls Aren't Even There

It still hurts when you kick me though. This looks really useless, but this stuff
is using a new style of coding for me, the prototype stuff, and I'm really loving it.
If you get a performance hit from this, please drop me a line at mike.grayson@cityofsand.com


02/12/06 Please Run Down to the Store and Get Us a Hygiene Product

Because we're iterating again.


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